What is ADA Compliance for Websites?

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The Web Accessibility Initiative, an organization focused on setting standards and strategies for making the web accessible, has developed web content accessibility guidelines, also known now as WCAG 2.0. These guidelines highlight requirements for developing websites with accessibility in mind for people with disabilities. The organization carves out the standards by referencing the following statement, “websites should be just as accessible for those with disabilities as they are for those without”.

Is My Website ADA Compliant?

Although this is a difficult question to answer, it is important to address. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can help your website meet ADA requirements.

How To Measure ADA Compliance

There are numerous tools that can measure “ADA compliance,” and most websites, even those for some of the world’s largest companies, don’t pass as 100% compliant.

When developing websites, we implement best SEO and technical practices when it comes to web design and development. Some of these technical items include; incorporating alt text on all images, adding logical link text, and providing multiple menus or easier ways to navigate the website.

Ways to Improve Website Accessibility

An additional way to supplement your website’s accessibility is to include a plugin or code snippet that offers accessibility controls such as changing the size of the text, adjusting the contrast and colors on the screen, and advanced keyboard/user controls. A few of these tools include widgets from UserWay.org or wA11y – The Web Accessibility Toolbox, just to name a few.

Another way to improve website accessibility is to include a note on a website’s contact page. For example, it could say, “We care  about providing the best online user experience to our visitors. If you need help using or navigating our website, contact us.”  This statement doesn’t fix compliance issues, but it can help user by providing contact information to relay what is on the website and its functions.

We Can Help with ADA

If your WordPress website is not compliant, reach out to us for help. We offer small packages and can offer recommendations to point you in the right direction. We hope our article about What is ADA compliance for websites has acted as a resource for you or your customers. Check out our ADA compliant widget in the upper right of our website. Feel free to test it’sd functions and let us know if we should install it for you!