10 WordPress Plugins I Install On Every GenesisWP Site

1. Scribe SEO

Learning from experience, Scribe is one of the best and most effective SEO Tools on the Internet. Easily, install this plugin and you’ll achieve higher search rankings than ever before. It’s three step process will help you optimize your content and boost your search engine traffic in no time! Built in tools include a keyword research tool, content optimization rating, and link building tools. Plans start at just $97 per mo.

2. Gravity Forms

The easiest and most robust contact form generator WP Plugin on the market! Setup multiple data collection forms and log the entries. Export your inquires via an Excel Spreadsheet. Very reliable! Plans start at $39.

3. Google SEO Sitemaps

If you want Google to find ALL of your pages and content setting up a sitemap and submitting it via Webmaster Tools is very important! Google Sitemaps will generate an XML sitemap file that Google needs to find ALL of your content. The sitemap will automatically update when you add new content and lets Google know about it! $FREE

4. Simple Socials Icons

Social Media has been dominating the internet lately, make sure you add icons to your blog or website that will link to your social media accounts. This plugin will do it all for you! Just add your account URLs inside the widget. $FREE

5. Genesis Simple Edits

This Genesis plugin allows you to change the post-info, post-meta, and footer area on any Genesis theme by using and providing you with short-codes. This is a very quick and dirty way to customize how the meta areas on your site display.

6. Akismet

Sick of deleting spam from your dashboard page? Akismet is probably the best SPAM Assassin out there and the best way to block Comment and Trackback SPAM…period. Install and register to receive a free API Key. $FREE

7. BackupBuddy

This nifty plugin will backup your entire WordPress Installation including all of your settings; widgets, themes, plugins, all files, and your MySQL database. Easily restore an entire WordPress website or blog within minutes to another or existing server. Plans start at $75.

8. Subscribe To Comments

Ever leave a comment on a blog and never followed up? Give users the opportunity to subscribe via email to preceding comments. This could help increase your returning visitor rate. $FREE

9. Genesis eNews Extended

Captures email address from those who wish to subscribe to your blog posts or content updates. This is the new widget that replaces the Genesis eNews Widget that will be depreciated in Genesis 1.9.

10. Genesis Simple Hooks

This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page that allows you to insert code (HTML, Shortcodes, and PHP), and attach it to any of the 50+ action hooks throughout the Genesis Theme Framework. This plugin has bailed me out numerous times on a few coding issues while developing custom sites.

If there is a plugin I missed that you usually install, please feel free to mention it below! Thanks for dropping by!


  1. says

    How can I add a hit counter to my blogger blog? Detailed instructions would be appreciated. I searched counter on google and i can get this html code but i dont know what to do with it. Thanks!.

  2. says

    Love these tips! I am going to install some today hopefully. One question – how do you feel about adding all these plugins? I don’t want to bog my site down w/ too many. Also – wondering what you think about putting a floating subscribe bar in wordpress.

  3. Aaron James says

    Hey Justin – I use these plugin together all the time without any issues. Most of them are light weight and very efficient with server resources. Give it a shot, and if you have any problems I’d be glad to help!

  4. Aaron James says

    Hi Lorri, I always recommend using Google Analytics, but I also do use Statcounter.com on just about every website. The service is free and has a step-by-step installation guide! Thanks for dropping by!

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